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Taito Legends 2 Pc Free 17 budhila




History Taito Legends 2 was announced in January 2005, as an updated version of the first game with new features, improved graphics, improved arcade-style gameplay, a new Mode 7 based graphics engine, new in-game cutscenes, an updated soundtrack, and the availability of a three-player co-op mode. An on-line demo of the game, known as a Tech Demo, was released in February 2005 on Xbox Live. The demo featured three games: Super Karate Komi, Bus Stop Bemani, and Kengo's Puzzle. The final release date was July 31, 2005. The package features all 39 games from the first game, all of which also appeared in the first game with a few exceptions (Lucky Luke, Attack of the Ninja and Toon 3 were included in Legends 2, but not Legends 1), as well as the new three-player co-op mode, and five other games. The game was released as both a boxed copy and a download for Xbox Live. The PlayStation 2 version comes as a "download only" title, as it was released only as a download. On July 4, 2006, a PlayStation 2 copy of Taito Legends 2 was released for the Japanese market for 50,000 yen, while a PlayStation 2 version of the original Legends was released on July 5, 2006 for the Japanese market for 20,000 yen. The Xbox version was released in September 2006. Games The following titles were released in Taito Legends 2 on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC. Playing Pong (arcade version of 2001) Panic Bomber (arcade version of 2001) Ratchet & Clank (arcade version of 2001) Robot Aleste (arcade version of 2001) The War of the Worlds (arcade version of 2001) R-Type II (arcade version of 2000) Space Harrier II (arcade version of 2000) Super Bases Loaded (arcade version of 2000) Double Dragon II (arcade version of 1999) Mars Matrix (arcade version of 1999) Metal Slug 3 (arcade version of 1998) Ms. Pac-Man (arcade version of 1998) Frogger (arcade version of 1998) Galaxian (arcade version of 1998) Hogan's Alley (arcade version of 1998) Puzzle Bobble (arcade version of 1997) Puzzle League (arcade version of 1997)



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Taito Legends 2 Pc Free 17 budhila

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